Digital Marketing can feel like a minefield, not knowing which step to take so you find yourself standing still. Well, stand still no more, as we’ve put together The Complete Marketing Guide 2024. The guide takes you through the 9-Step Novus Marketing Framework which is the exact framework we have adopted into our marketing strategy and the one that we apply to every company that we partner with.   

The Complete Marketing Guide 2024 Front Cover

 Empower Your Marketing with the 9-Step Novus Marketing Framework

At the heart of the guide is a potent 9-step marketing framework designed to elevate every phase of the customer journey, from the first whisper of awareness to the ultimate goal of maximising customer lifetime value (LTV). Here’s a glimpse into the transformative strategies outlined in our guide:

Target Audience Identification: Understand that speaking to everyone means effectively reaching no one. Tailor your message to resonate deeply with your specific audience segments for dramatically improved engagement and conversion rates.

Effective Messaging: Craft messaging that doesn’t just speak to your audience but speaks about them. By tapping into their emotions, desires, and pain points, your message becomes a mirror reflecting their needs and your solutions.

Optimal Marketing Channels: Choose your battlefield wisely. Our guide stresses the importance of selecting marketing channels where your audience lives, breathes, and engages, ensuring your message isn’t just heard but heeded.

Lead Capturing: The journey from a visitor to a lead should be as seamless as turning a page. We emphasise the power of lead magnets—irresistible offers that capture contact details, paving the way for meaningful engagement.

Lead Nurturing: Not everyone is ready to buy at first sight. Through strategic nurturing—using emails, SMS, and retargeting—you can gently guide potential customers down your sales funnel.

Sales Conversion: This step is about removing barriers and making it irresistibly easy for leads to become customers. Whether it’s addressing financial concerns or offering unbeatable deals, the goal is to ease the transition to a purchase.

Delivering Excellence: The quality of your product or service is paramount. We encourage you to focus relentlessly on delivering value that exceeds expectations, turning satisfied customers into loyal advocates.

Enhancing Customer LTV: Discover innovative strategies to increase the value your customers bring over their lifetime, from upselling to initiating subscription models. Affiliate agreements and partnerships are also discussed in this section.

Referrals and Reviews: Leverage the power of word-of-mouth by encouraging satisfied customers to spread the word, turning them into an unpaid but highly effective sales force.

Beyond the Framework: A Call to Action

Our guide isn’t just a collection of strategies; it’s a call to action. It encourages you to apply these principles and promises significant revenue growth for those who do. With Novus, the journey doesn’t end with the implementation of these strategies; it’s where your story of growth begins.



By focusing on targeted, effective strategies and fostering genuine connections with your audience, you can achieve unprecedented growth. As we demonstrate, with the right approach, the potential for business expansion is just 90 days away!


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