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Not sure where to start with online marketing?

No time to give it your full focus?

Don’t worry, at Novus Digital Marketing, we’ve created a 9-step Marketing Framework that gets you highly qualified leads and turns them into loyal customers.

Grow your business, earn more money and have more time for you and your family.

Keep trying to grow your business but are left feeling frustrated?

Working too many hours and not having time for you or your family?

Spending time and money on marketing that's not generating you sales?

Not making enough profit to live the life you want?

Taking on the projects you can get rather than the ones you want?

Struggling with CRM systems and automating your processes?

Novus Digital Marketing’s 9 Step Solution

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What’s included?

Branding & Design

From a complete rebrand to just a simple graphic for social media.

Marketing Consultancy

Understanding your company so every penny you invest gets the best return.

Analytics & Reporting

Making data-driven decisions and reporting results monthly.


Ensuring your website is fully optimised so you rank on Google and Search Engines.


Writing effective marketing copy for all your communication channels.

Paid Ads Management

Fully managing Ads on Google and Social Media to drive traffic to your website.

Website & UX Design

A website built using user-experience (UX) to ensure optimum conversion.

Email Marketing & CRM

Creating an effective email nurturing campaign and broadcast emails.

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9 Steps to the Complete Marketing System for Trade and Construction Companies

Download The Complete Marketing Guide for FREE. I personally guarantee that if you follow even a couple of the steps in this guide, you will increase your company's revenue. The Guide will be immediately sent to the email you provide.

Novus Digital Marketing Framework

At Novus Digital Marketing, we know that you want to be a successful company owner. In order to do that, you need to combine an excellent service with an excellent marketing strategy. The problem is there are so many marketing channels available it’s impossible to master them all AND run your business, which makes you feel lost and frustrated when your efforts and money return little reward in terms of sales.

We believe that marketing is an investment, not a cost, and should be judged on its return on that investment. We understand your frustrations, you know you deliver an excellent service and know that people would be willing to pay you handsomely for it - if only they were aware of you right? Well, that’s why we focus on your end-to-end marketing to ensure that every penny you spend returns the maximum value.

Here’s how we do it:

We follow three core strategies as part of our Marketing Framework; Awareness Strategy, Conversion Strategy and Maximisation Strategy. When working with you, we work backwards so that we can make a difference to your sales, and therefore profits, as quickly as possible. Within 90 days, we will have addressed each of these strategies leaving you with an excellent marketing system to match your excellent service. 

  1. Maximisation Strategy: We analyse how you are maximising the clients you are already securing to ensure you are enhancing their lifetime value. Tactics such as upselling, affiliate marketing, partnerships and ensuring referrals form part of this strategy. This then ensures each future customer is maximised too!
  2. Conversion Strategy: Once we are happy that you are making the absolute most out of your clients, we then fully analyse your current marketing funnel. We then implement tactics to increase your conversion rates at each step (starting from the bottom of your funnel - usually enquiry to the sale so you see immediate results). When starting with a client recently who secured one client for every three enquiries, we immediately sent out a non-buyers survey to the 66% who didn’t purchase to find out the reasons why. This informed us that finance was the main barrier. As a result, our client partnered with a finance provider and immediately saw their enquiry to sale conversion rate increase to 50%. This all happened in just two working days! Quick wins and big profit increases.
  3. Awareness Strategy: Only once we are confident that every person who enters our sales funnel has the best chance possible of converting into a sale do we then focus on pouring traffic into your funnel. There are many marketing channels available, but by focusing on who you are targeting and what you want to tell them - we select the most appropriate channels. There is a trade-off between cost and time to obtain traffic. Methods such as organic social media, networking, attending events etc. can all obtain traffic via awareness - but cost a lot of your time. Alternatively, Paid Ads cost money but not much of your time - so this can be an effective method to allow you to concentrate on your business and let us handle your traffic. Most companies find a balance that suits them and we work with you to identify the right balance for you.

At this stage, you’ll know exactly how much traffic you require to generate a sale (and how long it takes from awareness to sale). You can then decide how many sales you desire (and can accommodate due to capacity) and when. If you know you need 100 visitors to your website to get 5 sales with a lead time of 3 weeks, then you can plan accordingly to fill your diary. This is where the beauty of marketing science really pays off.

So, schedule a call with me today so you can stop wasting your precious time and money on ineffective marketing and start running the company you’ve been dreaming of all these years! Hit the button below and let's get started.

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