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We implement a 9-step marketing framework for you in 90 days, building you an effective marketing system that generates highly qualified leads and converts them into loyal customers. This is how we help!

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1. Quick Discovery Call

We get to know you, your business and your goals & challenges. This is where we establish what you are trying to achieve and whether we are a good fit. 

2. We build your website and campaigns

We build you website and/or landing page thats optimised for conversion before launching campaigns that drive qualified traffic to it.

3. You Receive Jobs

You receive a constant flow of highly qualified leads and we help you convert them into paying clients. 

How We Help in 9 Steps

Awareness Strategy

The aim of steps 1 to 3 is to take a customer from being unaware of you to completely aware and clear what you offer.

We work to understand who your target audience is and what their pain points are, so we can communicate to them effectively.

We then match the chosen marketing channels to your audience, ensuring your message has the best chance of being heard.

Target Audience

Before anything else, we need to identify your target audience and sub-niche.

Effective Messaging

Once we know who we are aiming your marketing at, we can tailor your messaging accordingly.

Marketing Channels

Utilising the most effective channels to reach your target audience with your message.

Conversion Strategy

Once your audience is aware of you, focus then turns to converting each lead to a paying client. We obtain their contact details and then communicate value to them through content. This means that when they are in a buying position, you are the company of choice. Our Conversion Strategy then ensures your sales conversion is optimised, through removing customer barriers and creating offers that your customers will feel silly saying no to.

Lead Capture

Creating a value-adding lead magnet to capture the contact details of your leads.

Lead Nurturing

Building trust and authority with your leads through content creation.

Sales Conversion

Identifying and removing sales barriers whilst producing offers impossible to say no to.

Maximisation Strategy

Once a lead has purchased and becomes a client, steps 7-9 of the Novus Marketing Framework implement tactics to maximise the value from those customers. You first need to do this by over-delivering the products and services. We need to ensure your products and services are excellent in every way. Focus on fulfillment as a priority. No company is in a position to scale if the core offering isn’t excellent.

Once you have delivered your product and/or service, we then consider how you can maximise customer lifetime value before ensuring you stimulate referrals and reviews.

Delivering Excellence

You need to ensure you deliver the very best service to each and every client / customer.

Customer LTV

We then consider ways for you to maximise customer lifetime value.

Referrals & Reviews

Stimulating referrals and reviews is essential for online word-of-mouth marketing.

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