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Do you lack the time or don’t know where to start with your marketing?

We’ve created a 9-Step Marketing Framework that gets you highly qualified leads and turns them into loyal customers.

Find out about how you can grow your business, earn more money and have more time for you and your family.

About Our Founder

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Alex Pycock

Founder & CEO

I’m delighted you’re interested in working with us here at Novus. I set up the company in 2017 after recognising just how many companies offer great products and services, but just don’t know how to market them effectively.

I started out by helping family and friends with their marketing before realising I could make a business out of this. So I quit my full-time job as the Head of Marketing at the University of York to focus on delivering as much value to the Construction and Trade sector as I could.

We’ve worked with numerous clients and delivered some results I’m truly proud of. Check out our testimonials to see what our clients think of us.

I’m also really passionate about learning, having obtained multiple qualifications (see below). I love applying knowledge to experience to generate some unmatched results. Marketing is constantly evolving so the tactics we implement for our clients need to evolve too.

I aim to provide as much value to the sector as possible via the content I put out via our blog and social media channels. Subscribe and follow me to hear all the latest in marketing for the trade and construction sector.


MBA (Loughborough University)
MSc (Hons) Marketing (University of Leicester)
MCIM (Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing)
Level 7 CIM (Oxford College of Marketing)

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Our Values

We simply want to empower the companies we work with to unlock their potential through effective marketing strategies.


We operate in your best interests in every decision and tactic we implement.


We provide as much value as we can to the building, trade and construction sector.

Give back

Give back to the local and national community.


Be the best marketing agency to partner with for all construction and trade companies.

What We Do Best




Paid Ads


Web Development

Email Marketing


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